Afterparty ONE

The original Afterparty; where it all started. Afterparty ONE brings back everything we loved about the smaller, more underground club that started the club craze on Light. With hand-picked music from Sami & Nadi Saevus, and tunes as dark and underground as it gets, Afterparty ONE promises to be a brightly shining light within the underground club scene.

Opening Times


Dance Floor & Music

Afterparty ONE's design makes for a very compact and cozy design that stays true to the feeling of most tucked-away underground clubs, providing low ceillings and tight dancefloor spaces for the perfect imitation of the experience often missed in these past years.

Furthermore, with Sami & Nadi Saevus on the decks every Tuesday, the music promises to live up to the selfsame standard of the design.

Roleplayed Bar Experience

Like our other venues, Afterparty ONE features a roleplayed bar experience with the same menu used at the main Afterparty venue - this may change down the line, stay tuned!

Rules & Conduct

Despite the smaller size and the laid-back atmosphere, Afterparty ONE does still uphold the selfsame rules & conduct that Afterparty does.

House Rules & Conduct

1. LISTEN TO THE STAFF - We're here to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves, if a member of the staff asks you to do something, (or stop doing something) please comply.

2. CHECK (HIDE) YOUR WEAPONS AND MINIONS AT THE DOOR - There are to be no weapons in the club; and we ask that you dismiss minions while inside to reduce framerate/phasing issues. If you forget, venue security will kindly remind you.

3. KEEP IT SFW - Afterparty ONE is a SAFE FOR WORK venue. No sexual activities, nor any sexual talks. Keep it in private and out of the premises!

4. PLEASE DRESS APPROPRIATELY - There is no dress code, however we'd appreciate it if you dress appropriately. Please remember that this is a nightclub, please dress accordingly. (You wouldn't go clubbing IRL in plate armour, would you?)

5. PEOPLE WILL BE TAKING PICTURES DURING THE EVENT, INCLUDING AFTERPARTY STAFF - Being at the venue assumes consent to having you picture taken.

6. DO NOT BE DISRUPTIVE - It's ok to be silly and have a good time, but any attempts to stir trouble, or obvious trolling, will be dealt with appropriately.

7. IF YOU PLAN TO BE IN CHARACTER - Please let us know by using the :RP: status. If you are not going to be in character, please do not interfere with roleplay.

8. ENJOY YOURSELVES!! - That's why we're all here.